Connecting students to the jobs of tomorrow

Student Pathways to Success is a cross-sector coalition of organizations committed to educational equity and that represent students, parents, educators, and employers. It aims to universalize access to a meaningful and relevant high school education for all students that puts them on a pathway to college and career success.

About the Coalition

Too many students in Massachusetts, particularly from under-resourced and marginalized communities, don’t have access to programs and experiences that prepare them for college and careers - but our coalition believes we have the opportunity to change that.

To expand access to economic opportunity and promote a more equitable Commonwealth, Massachusetts must better connect what students are learning in high school to the opportunities that await them when they graduate.

Our next governor must act quickly to strengthen and expand early college and career technical education programs and greatly improve access to work-based learning and career counseling. Polls show voters agree, with 9 in 10 saying our next governor must put education improvements among their top priorities.

Working together, we can help create programs and support structures that will make the high school experience more valuable for all students.

Our Mission

Our goals are designed to expand options for students, including:  

By 2030, every high school student in Massachusetts will be on a personalized learner pathway and have opportunities to: 

  • Earn college credit
  • Participate in work-based learning
  • Attain industry-recognized credentials
  • Receive dedicated career counseling

Every public high school will offer structured pathway programs that are aligned with valuable postsecondary degrees, high-growth industries, or in-demand occupations. 

Every high school student will have coursework or elements from different pathway programs to prepare them to meet their goals for success in higher education and the workforce.

Coalition Partners